Thursday, May 15, 2008

School Demo, Vincent Massey

We are doing a lot of school demos this month. Guess it is nice weather, and the kids are bored, so we liven things up a bit.
Here I am demonstrating physics.
(click on the images to enlarge)

What could be better than talking for my living?
Below you can just read some of the virtues of chivalry and the names of parts of the armours.
This was Vincent Massey school. They were the ones who got me started in doing these medieval school gigs last year, and their glowing reviews have got me into at least a dozen schools since then.
I still cannot believe those teachers handle these kids day in and day out! Oh my!

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justagirl said...

Great pictures! The kid in the armor looks just like Jr. Asparagus playing the role of David in the Veggie Tales adaptation of David & Goliath….. like he wouldn’t be able to stand up if he had to, lol!