Tuesday, September 29, 2009


An all teak and brass car. I want one! Now if it was steam powered....OMG!

Hey buddy...move that snail or I'll boot you off the road. With what you ask? Well this one below!
I wonder where you put the steering wheel?

Above and below...what magnicent sculpture!

Oh wait...here is a good steam punk car! I love it!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

More hall costumes

Define fugly. Hmmmm well, above is fugly. Below is not.

My neighbours...they sell bloody teddy bears. I think you would have to see them....
Not sure if that is a costume, but then, I was not staring at the costume.
The last gals you want to piss off.

Janika and a body painted green lantern dude.

What a nice couple.

Janika used to just drag these nice people back for photo ops. What fun!

A little bit of armour, a little bit of 'broidery. A little bit of lace, and a little bit of curl...

The usual collection of Storm Troopers on leave.

Good make up. At least, I THINK that is make up.

I think the gal in the centre has been looking at my design portfolio. That looks a LOT like the stuff I made for Janika? What do you think?
(Me, I have trouble getting past the eyes...)

Now don't they look like a FINE collection of fairies? Right down to the tears on the cheeks! Oh My.

This guy's steel is just as real as Janika's steel. Amazing.