Wednesday, September 09, 2009

More hall costumes

Define fugly. Hmmmm well, above is fugly. Below is not.

My neighbours...they sell bloody teddy bears. I think you would have to see them....
Not sure if that is a costume, but then, I was not staring at the costume.
The last gals you want to piss off.

Janika and a body painted green lantern dude.

What a nice couple.

Janika used to just drag these nice people back for photo ops. What fun!

A little bit of armour, a little bit of 'broidery. A little bit of lace, and a little bit of curl...

The usual collection of Storm Troopers on leave.

Good make up. At least, I THINK that is make up.

I think the gal in the centre has been looking at my design portfolio. That looks a LOT like the stuff I made for Janika? What do you think?
(Me, I have trouble getting past the eyes...)

Now don't they look like a FINE collection of fairies? Right down to the tears on the cheeks! Oh My.

This guy's steel is just as real as Janika's steel. Amazing.


Middle Child said...

Just amazing stuff - amused by the top photo - the grey beard with the bright hair - a bit like one of my older sisters who has bright blonde bleached hair/facelifts but forgot about her grey eyebrows (ooo ahhh)I think she thinks they're blonde too - being a bit of a bitch here!!!

STAG said...

hee hee.