Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pauldrons done.

There I am, looking as mean as I can. Took quite a while to make those pauldrons, the whole story takes up 7 posts and a couple of weeks on my "armouring blog"
They didn't turn out too badly...clearly I need to tinker with the templates a bit more...maybe make the back part a bit bigger...little details like that. You can see a nice fan in I swing my hand forward, it folds up like a fan, keeping me from getting stuck in the throat. The one on my left shoulder is shifted up where it is supposed to be...the one on my right shoulder is dragging down a bit. Oh well, normally they would be attached to a gorget or perhaps an arming coat.
That and overcoming the mutha of all colds is what I have been doing for the last week.
kaff kaff. kaff kaff... kaff kaff.........

Friday, November 28, 2008

Driving While Drunk

Drunk Driving. A tale of how foolish you get when you get schnockered.

Oh yeah. Not guilty your worship, you see this is how it happened. (actually it never made it to court...that was just for dramatic emphasis!) There we were, in downtown Ottawa at Diamond Lil's Saloon. Me, Roger, and a young lady I'll call Jill. Skutch and Jim were with us, and the party went on until the wee hours. If you can call Ottawa's 1AM closing times "the wee hours".

Jill was our designated driver, so we just let the good times roll. We got well and truly pissed. They played all the old favorites...folksy stuff mostly, and when it came time to hit the road we ran into a slight problem. Seems that our designated driver could not drive a standard. Somehow we had overlooked this little problem in our original search for potable entertainment. Good old Roger though. He had an idea. I was smallest, and would sit behind the wheel, foot to clutch and hand to shift lever. Jill would sit on my lap, and would be responsible for gas, brakes, and steering. Skutch and Jim stayed in back and promptly passed out. Roger sat in the passenger seat and for some reason, worked the CB radio, as if it would make any difference.

Have you ever tried to work a clutch with somebody else working the gas pedal? Oh lordy, it was a disaster in the making. We must have stalled out a dozen times before we got started, and at least once every time we came to a stop at a red light. Jill would call out "first gear". I would say "rev the engine a bit Jill", and would get rolling. Then Jill would call out "second gear", I would shove in the clutch and pop it into second. And so on. And so forth. The Austin Marina had five forward gears, so I was kept pretty busy...couldn't even cop a feel off of Jill I was so busy! Didn't stop her from dipping her hand down from time to time to wake me up! Hmmph. The memories of a temptation resisted are always bitter.

Well, we rolled into the barracks just fine, and parked at the mess. No damage done. Roger signed off, thanking a fella he was chatting with who was ready to dispatch an ambulance at any moment, I tried to stand up and couldn't because there was no feeling left in my legs. Roger crashed in my absent roomies' bed, and Jill wandered off to the female barrack block. The next morning, over dry toast, coffee and aspirin, we got together and wondered once again how far adrift from common sense a bottle of alcohol can lead you.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


All I see is a group of dolphins. Apparently this is a risque picture. Anybody?

Got to love Julian Beever.

I always suspected.

Why did I ever think of this?

Imagine drinking at this guy's place and needing to go to the bathroom, and you snap on the light to see this! Oh My!

Lizard Love

So why dont' we get together for coffee?

Very interesting Miss Kitty.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A movie in Metcalfe

Lou Diamond Phillips is in town making a movie. How cool is that! Well, they just packed up on Sunday, and I even got a chance to say hi to him. Watched a few scenes being made. The poor guys...the outside scenes were all just at the freezing point or below! Everybody was just shaking in the cold! Now the above is just creepy. I have no idea why it would be part of a carnival. On the other hand, it is a carnival that has the Devil as a sideshow act. Hmmmmm.......

Daytime, it has no magic. At night, the lights and colours pop!

This is a scene at the end of my street. They blocked off the intersection, and filmed some of it right here.
How cool is that!
No, I didn't get any pictures of the stars...they were moving too fast, seeking warmth. Who can blame them!
I asked one of the producers why he was filming up here in Canada instead of in the warmth of California, and his answer was not that is was any cheaper, but rather that up here, the spectators listen when he calls for "silence and no flashes please". Go figure.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More body painting

Body Painting

The world body painting competion was held in Tokyo this year. Here are some of the entries. Also, if you like, you might like to see what I have been up to in the shop...building spaulders. A long and slow process, probably pretty boring to most people, but heck...its what I do. I wish I was as artistic as the fella holding the brush below. Click on any of these pictures to enlarge. I'll probably post another batch of them tomorrow.....grin!

Oh, and if somebody from orizio photo drops in, allow me first to state...Dude, these are so awesome, and also that I will remove them if you desire, and lastly, I'll put your new url up here as quick as anything, but right now, the domain seems to be dead and gone, so I'm really hoping you have a place I can send my readers to.

This lasts one wasn't in the festival, I just included it to make Jennifer blush....