Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Body Painting

The world body painting competion was held in Tokyo this year. Here are some of the entries. Also, if you like, you might like to see what I have been up to in the shop...building spaulders. A long and slow process, probably pretty boring to most people, but heck...its what I do. I wish I was as artistic as the fella holding the brush below. Click on any of these pictures to enlarge. I'll probably post another batch of them tomorrow.....grin!

Oh, and if somebody from orizio photo drops in, allow me first to state...Dude, these are so awesome, and also that I will remove them if you desire, and lastly, I'll put your new url up here as quick as anything, but right now, the domain seems to be dead and gone, so I'm really hoping you have a place I can send my readers to.

This lasts one wasn't in the festival, I just included it to make Jennifer blush....

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justagirl said...

Blush? I'm printing it out to frame it. :-) Seriously, those are all really amazing.