Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A movie in Metcalfe

Lou Diamond Phillips is in town making a movie. How cool is that! Well, they just packed up on Sunday, and I even got a chance to say hi to him. Watched a few scenes being made. The poor guys...the outside scenes were all just at the freezing point or below! Everybody was just shaking in the cold! Now the above is just creepy. I have no idea why it would be part of a carnival. On the other hand, it is a carnival that has the Devil as a sideshow act. Hmmmmm.......

Daytime, it has no magic. At night, the lights and colours pop!

This is a scene at the end of my street. They blocked off the intersection, and filmed some of it right here.
How cool is that!
No, I didn't get any pictures of the stars...they were moving too fast, seeking warmth. Who can blame them!
I asked one of the producers why he was filming up here in Canada instead of in the warmth of California, and his answer was not that is was any cheaper, but rather that up here, the spectators listen when he calls for "silence and no flashes please". Go figure.

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justagirl said...

Haha! You Canadians are so much more obedient than Californians, you know. Very cool carnival pictures! The top one scares me, though.