Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Great Pumkin Massacre 2008

Day after halloween. Lots of pumkins have attacked and my team of pumpkin commandos has risen to the task of destroying the hoards before they take over the world. You can thank me later. With beer.
above is Dan, demonstrating how to destroy them without even a tee. Below, Lorne believes that tee ball is not just a sport, but a calling.

Above, Dan is showing off the form which has made him famous. This is such a great pic...the pumkin is so neatly cut that it is only now deciding whether to slide apart.

And the carnage all ended up in my garden. This would have been a great garden, but for the rabbits. Well, since then, we have been seeing a remarkable number of bunnies and squirrels who have showed absolutely no appreciation for the all you can eat buffet we made for them that day! Ah well. I expect these will all render themselves down into mush by next spring.
click on the pictures to see them in their entirety!


Cara said...

That looks awesome!!!

justagirl said...

Poor pumpkins! :-)