Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Just to lend a little perspective to life....this is a picture made by the Hubble telescope. It is called galaxy ARP. The one on the left has just flown through the one on the right...the wild craziness of the interacting gravity fields has caused several thousand stars (the blue ones) to form. The reddish part at the seven o clock would be the former nucleus of the galaxy. I think it looks like a blue wedding band. This pair of "peculiar" galaxies lies in the constellation cetus, and the light we are seeing was formed more than four hundred million years ago. Which of course puts it at more than four hundred million light years away. Crikey! Thats a long walk!

This post was blatantly ripped off from Quasar 9's blog site....

You would not go far wrong to haunt his blog site...there are hundreds of great pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope in his blog.

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justagirl said...

It's absolutely stunning. I shall have to visit the blog.