Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Costumes.  What with Ottawa Comic Con coming up fast, costume makers have been much on my radar.  These are a few.... Its just for fun.  Enjoy!

If you click on any of these pictures, you go to a gallery which shows them much larger, but I'll be darned if I can figure out how to get back here from the gallery.  So bookmark me now...grin!

The green lantern costumes have proved to be particularly libido peaking.

Live long and prosper.  No, look up there.  No, up here, eye contact...
Nope. not gonna happen. 

A golden statue....

I am trying to decide if this one is naughty or not.  Its pac-man...going after a ghosty...oh there it is.  Yup...its naughty.  

Now this one is just lovely.  I always liked the sixties bat-girl...gray costume, blue cape.  Seemed nicer than the black rubber fetish things that came out later.

Now who could fail to love this lilac sweetheart!

Then there are these guys!   The boxers under the green lantern tights are a nice touch....

Zoidberg? IzzatU?

Take me away to Valhalla....  prrrrrrrrr.

 So this is the kitchen in Valhalla?  Lets get cookin' then!

Hmmmm.  I don't know what to say!

Where do you get that costume?   Does it come with the stuffing?

I don't get it.  Let me study it a bit more....

And now to boldly go where no man has gone before.   Yeah right...

Purple bat girl.  

And always nice to show your team colours!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Platform 9 3/4

These pictures of of the subway station under Kings Cross railway station. 

This part of it is unused.  It must be pretty creepy. 

No doubt when you look closely, you can see platform 9 and three quarters. 

The real one of course....grin!

Just look at those marvelous girders!  And brickwork which was installed when Sherlock Holmes was in short pants!   

The arched tunnels were built when Jesse James was robbing trains.  

The Titanic was a distant far off in the future dream.

And they ran steam trains down here!

It is a steam punk paradise!

These are a fascinating glimpse of a part of the world which has been pretty much unseen since 1941. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dennis. Oh, Dennis

Dennis Locourriere....your voice is as smooth as Irish whiskey, and your lyrics...


You don't have Shel Silverstein to write 'em any more. 
So what is this?  A chip off old Shel's block!
Well, better than "Sylvia's Mother" and "a boy named Sue"!

Ask Her....  From Dennis Locourrier's  "Post Cool" album


Friday, April 05, 2013

Sleeper cars...

Vimeo seems to have some of the finest little shows!

This one is about a company which makes sleeper cars.

No, not the railway sleeper cars, these are cars which don't look like what they are.


And no, they are not like these guys....grin!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

This is April?

This is April.  No, it is NOT an April fool's joke.  Half a meter of snow here still.

You can see how it is piled up around the house.

Above you can see how I had to dig through to get to the shop in the back.

My lovely tent out back has been flattened by the snow.

Above you can see the framework which was supporting the yellow tarp over there in back.  The snow collapsed it onto my van.  It took three to four hours to carefully excavate the van.  There was some damage, not  a lot...some dents in the roof.  

And the usual shop picture.  I take one of these every year at this time.  

Above are the dozens of little squirrel footprints.  They are starting to get hungry....they have probably run out of stored food.  

All that snow and ice was on the porch.  I am VERY surprised that the porch didn't collapse.  That pile of snow is not fluffy stuff...it is pretty much solid ice.  Equivalent to a couple of water beds for sure.

At least the dripping water makes a nice curtain of ice...

I wish this WAS an April fool's joke.  But sadly, no.  At the moment, 8:34 AM on April 4th, it is minus 6 degrees C, and it has been below freezing since I took those pictures on the first.