Thursday, April 04, 2013

This is April?

This is April.  No, it is NOT an April fool's joke.  Half a meter of snow here still.

You can see how it is piled up around the house.

Above you can see how I had to dig through to get to the shop in the back.

My lovely tent out back has been flattened by the snow.

Above you can see the framework which was supporting the yellow tarp over there in back.  The snow collapsed it onto my van.  It took three to four hours to carefully excavate the van.  There was some damage, not  a lot...some dents in the roof.  

And the usual shop picture.  I take one of these every year at this time.  

Above are the dozens of little squirrel footprints.  They are starting to get hungry....they have probably run out of stored food.  

All that snow and ice was on the porch.  I am VERY surprised that the porch didn't collapse.  That pile of snow is not fluffy is pretty much solid ice.  Equivalent to a couple of water beds for sure.

At least the dripping water makes a nice curtain of ice...

I wish this WAS an April fool's joke.  But sadly, no.  At the moment, 8:34 AM on April 4th, it is minus 6 degrees C, and it has been below freezing since I took those pictures on the first.


Middle Child said...

Yeah Global warming is here hahahahaha - its the coolest summer ever and now into barefoot and too old to be pregnant(Aussie jokke)

Judy said...

Boy, am I ever glad I don't live anywhere near you!!! I haven't worn my winter boots in a week and a half now...