Saturday, September 27, 2008

Only in America

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Here are some pics of the world famous Heart Attack Grill. should look away.
At least the waitresses are pretty. hmmm....if anything brought on MY heart attack, it would be one of these waitresses leaning over to serve me my supper.

A full service heart attack grill, sells cigarettes as well. And as you can see from the interior shots, we have a grill. And a refrigerator. Thats about it. Note the beer ad on far left.
From the menue. I note that the pic looks a bit different than the reality.

Yup...the smiles are real.
Crisis? We have a crisis? These guys look happy to me. But you could die from drinking that brand of beer! OMG, what ARE you thinking! You need a bock or a porter to go with red meat, not a pilsner!
A well fed individual, not long for the world.
And here we have the reality. Chips fried daily in pure lard.

Actually, as you look at it, this is just a standard little diner, and the food is actually not all that bad. No bacon, the chips are well drained and normally fried in lard anyway (unless they can find something cheaper like beef fat or sunflower oil) and the pile of meat is, well, intentionally over the top. But I have seen my buddies scarf back three or four MacDonald's quarter pounders after a day on the range.
And I bet the cute little waitresses were just hired for the looks like all that is left of the skimpy outfit during the week is the cute little hat.
Damn...I wish I had thought of it! What a great "hook" for a sport's bar!


justagirl said...

I am not going there. Nope. Not touching it. LOL.

Pacific College Mom said...

And you just wanted to squeeze the buns in the worst way... At the very least you were hoping for garter failure!

STAG said...