Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cyprus (random pics)

Bill and Lorne on the Turkish side.
Shop window on the Greek side. Actually these are kind of clever. Dont think I could get them home though....

Shane would appreciate the folded paper birds in the picture above. (click to enlarge) This, by the way, was Christmas Eve.

The Cypriots like their flags. I think it is a competition...the Greeks put up a flag, the Turks put up a statue...
Competition was around a couple of millenia ago as well. these are fourth century roman mosaics. Don't worry, I will write a whole essay on this day trip!!!

On the main drag (Ledra Street) this is a tree covered in ribbons, and pictures of soldiers who went missing during the invasion back in 1974. Their memories are still fresh.

The checkpoint is just ahead. It is a border crossing in the middle of a city. The te big blue tarps up ahead are sort of hiding the damaged Ledra Palace Hotel. The 1974 "troubles" makes for quite an interesting story.

On the North side, there are plenty of nice sites to see. This was a Lusignian church which was mined for stone.
I thought this was a fitting picture. Everything is the same, but yet, a little different....

There is an awful lot to see and do on a two week trip to Cyprus, and it will take awhile to put it all into some sort of order. However, I think I can make some interesting little travel essays. I'll try to keep them short and interesting. However, most of the armour and military stuff is on my other blog.... http://southtowerarmouringguild.blogspot.com

Regards from Lefkosia.


Middle Child said...

Cyprus - wow - this from someone who has only ever been on the east coast of Australia - I am happy to be where I am and not a traveller...but I like reading about places people visit overseas - enjoy

STAG said...

The trick is to die owing a million dollars.....