Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snowy Saturday Morning

After the big wind yesterday, which shredded my tarps, today is just like a christmas postcard! Gentle snow, big fat flakes. The temperature is only a few degrees below zero, and it is actually pretty good snowman making weather.
Woke up about 4 in the morning with the whole house shaking. Seems several tons of snow had slid off the roof, crashing down on the back deck in big chunks of ice and solidified snow. Glad I wasn't under it!
Brenda got to auction yesterday, dragged Matt out to his first estate auction. Seems his room mate moved out, and took all the pots and pans. Auction seems a perfect place for him! So he went there, and after three hours, he had bought...a hat.
Oh well. At least they got home safely.

The shop has been a hive of activity last couple of weeks. You know I am busy when I don't make comments here, but rather, just post some cool pictures to let folks know that I have not dropped off the face of the earth! Busy is good! The big news is that I am finished my government contract, and the swords are all nickel plated and ready to return to the ceremonial guard. (While THAT contract was in the works, I posted a few pictures from the Tower of London Armoury in Leeds because, well, showing swords being buffed is not a very pretty picture, and the armour from Leeds is prettier!)

I am trying to get some stuff done for a client in Peterborough, and ran into some aesthetic difficulties. All fixed now, and you will be able to see the results on my armouring blog in the next day or two.
Well, I hear the doors slamming outside, guess my client has arrived. Best I see to her!

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