Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cross Walks

The cross walk in front of my house is very neatly placed...the upside is that often the city clears the snow in front of my drive so that I can get out. The downside is that they often just shove the snow over in front of the other driveway, so its not quite the convenience you might think. The big problem is that damned sign! Situated in between the two driveways, it is a serious hazard when backing in or out of the drive!
Now that I have purchased the next door property, the two driveways have become one, and this crosswalk sign is now right in the middle of the wide driveway! That grass is not in the middle (brown as it is) is part of the drive...its just growing up through the gravel. Tough stuff!

Once or twice a year, somebody hits that sign and bends it over. No matter how it gets bent, it then blocks one or the other drive way.

This summer will be the summer of construction. I have suggested to the city that they move their cross walk to, say, in front of the house, or in front of one of the schools. Fact is, the placement of that crosswalk is brilliant (except for the sign) and if there was some way to hang a sign so that I would not have to maneuver around it, I would be very happy. However, there IS that darned sign!

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