Friday, October 28, 2011

Algonquin Animation

Hi Bill!
If you or anyone you know is looking for commission art work here’s the place to go! The entire cost of the artwork goes to fund our grad show. Donations are also happily accepted. Please spread this around to anyone you know who would be interested. We update almost daily and each artist seems to be adding more and more to what they are willing to create.

And from that link...a cut and paste below...(Alanna drew the assassin llama above...give you an idea of the quality we are talking about here!)

The third year animation class of Algonquin College 2012 is earning money for their annual grad show by doing commissioned artwork for you!

As we do more and more artwork, the pieces will be posted here for people to see.

Interested in a commission by one of the student or have any questions? You can contact the artist directly or use the "Ask" button to contact the blog. Then you just select their name from the PayPal list to make your payment!

end cut and paste...

Well there you go Alanna. Doing my part to showcase your talent and that of your collegues.

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