Wednesday, December 28, 2011


What a pleasant holiday movie! I don't get out to see too many movies these days. I'll HAVE to change that if there are such great flicks coming to the silver screen.
This is not "steam punk" like, say, the Golden Compass, but rather, think of it as aging steam punk....steam thirty years after steam is no longer used.

Have seen a few movies over the holidays. Watched "Lords of War" for instance. I thought that Nicholas Cage played a wonderful character...a quiet, thoughtful supplier of arms to both sides of some very violent conflicts. His very quiet, business like demeanor was more chilling than any Rambo could ever have been.

Christmas dinner was at my friend Susan's place....a lively day full of kids being kids. Loved it.

There is a blanket of snow out there that I have to get at, so Merry Christmas.


Cerulean Bill said...

Have you seen the new Holmes flick? It's pretty good, I think.

Middle Child said...

Is Hugo with my kids and it looks like something I might like?

STAG said...

Yes. It is a delightful family movie.