Wednesday, January 04, 2012


At my last Barter Club dinner, I was buttonholed by Mike. "Bill, I have started a new business!" Well, Mike, you start a new business about once every two years. Whats this one about? "Well, we want you to provide a discount coupon (on line of course) which we will send to thousands of people and you will get hundreds of orders as a result. All we want is for you to provide content, and we will get it "out there" and of course, we expect a piece of the action.

This went on for awhile, as I tried to understand how this would be a sustainable business model. First of all, it certainly seems that there are many companies that are doing just that. As far as I can see, what I would get out of this is a pile of "leads". Thats ad man talk for "email addresses". Possibly targeted addresses in that it would include a pile of people that are actually interested in my product.

In other words, spam.

I dunno. I suspect that I would get a huge list of people who are looking for cheap stuff, instead of good stuff. I don't think I want to "deep discount" my work. It cheapens it.

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Judy said...

I think I agree with you!
On the flavour map, I see that Talisker is in the smoky part of the map - around here, he is known as Jake, or Scarface, but he is kinda smoky coloured. I have never tasted him, though - that would be just too weird...
(Translation - Jake's registered name is Avonlea's Talisker.)