Saturday, March 03, 2012


The snow covered castle. Waiting for the birds to come back.

Killer icicles.

And heavy snow up the street.


Middle Child said...

Do you know - I have only seen snow and then only fleeting... as a child... in the Upper Hunter NSW Australia mid 1960s,\.

STAG said...

A world without snow.


As I chip the ice from my driveway this morning, that sounds pretty good.

Judy said...

Well, at least it is melting!! When did you get the bird tower? It's cool!!

STAG said...

The castle bird house was the winning project, built by Mr. Tomlinson and his son as part of a wild bird care centre auction.

Tomlinson is a huge contractor in the Ottawa area, he built it as part of a father and son bonding project. A wonderful man withall.

The wild bird care centre takes in injured and sick birds, nurses them back to health and releases them. Something they need to do a lot when the weather is like that in the picture.

The castle was mounted over my booth at the Ontario Renaissance Festival back when it was running. Since then, it has been over my driveway.