Sunday, May 13, 2012

Orange Blossom Special

   Take a few moments out....say, a quarter hour of your life.  Below are four versions of the greates fiddle song on the planet.  Try not to jump up dancing...  Let me know which you think would raise a dead man from his grave!  (my jury is out...)

Don't know if this is the "finest" rendition of the Orange Blossom Special, but Ms Jones's fiddle player is right up there.  Fresh, and full of great little diversions.  Some might blame the Scotch, but that would be unfair.  You can't play that well drunk, no matter what they say!  Try not to obsess over the drummer's bouncing boobs....  The Orange Bosom Special....   No wait, thats "Blossom" grin!

But by gosh, I really wanted to be the one to tickle Linda's she plays her fiddle upside down....
      No, you just have to watch it to see what I am on about... and nobody does "country bluegrass" like the Germans.

Of course, if you can stand yet more OH MY GAWD orange blossom specials
Canadian Samanth Robichaud....   (go Canada!!! I love her because she throws a few cords from my beloved national anthem into that tune, making it SO her own!

Classically trained and very hot babe Annie Staininec muddles through a clearly non rehersed version of the orange blossom special....yet the passion shines through.... what is it about women doing this song?  Guys just ain't that good!!!!  (well, maybe Lester Flatt...or Charlie McCoy)

Now, you tell me...isn't that just the greatest sixteen minutes you spent today?

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