Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back in September of 2004

 The Renaissance Festival was in its last year, but none of us knew it at the time.  Below is a view along the north side of my booth, with Dave's purple and salmon music booth beside.  One of the arches is clearly visible in this picture...it was crushed along with the rest of the mead hall last week in the last snow storm. 

This was Dudley's last year as well.  He looks pretty perky in this picture, but he passed away only a few weeks after this picture was taken.  He looks surprised in the picture...at the time, he was so afflicted by doggie alzheimers that EVERYTHING was a surprise!  

From the back of my booth, you can see "stag house".  This is where we lived.  

I was always happy with this view of the booth.  It was quite flashy.  This is the back, the part that looked out over the fighting ring in back.  

There were always little surprises...this fellow is supposed to be a fountain head, but it made a really pretty decoration on the beam end.  It didn't survive the winter.

Below is the building all closed up, and all that was necessary was to fold the umbrellas and lock the upper story shutters.

Below is a very nice view of the big beams of my booth (with virtues of chivalry stenciled on the top)  Looking past the building, you can just see the front of the music booth, and one of the ren faire booths.  Such a pretty site.

More of the big beams, and one of my gargoyles.  

Another one of my gargoyles.  We still have both of them. 

And I think that nice tile roof looked pretty good as it overlooked the pub. 

Ah, those were the days....


zornhau said...

Used to fight in plate with the English sun heating the steel so much it steamed when I disarmed.

Thanks for sharing...

STAG said...

Zornhau, that is the way it SHOULD be!

A tune for you...

And Alexis...you are delusional, and likely dangerous. Please do not post here again.