Friday, August 16, 2013

Rib Fest 2013

Jason at the Rib Fest on Sparks Street in Ottawa July 2013.  Clearly, by the line ups in the behind him, the place to our right was VERY popular.  Click on the picture below, and you will get a darned good idea of why.... Scrumptious, fall off the bone, lighty seared pork ribs.  Whats not to love!

You can see by the grins that a good time was had by Matt and Jason.  Of course, there were more of us there that day....but it was hot, and the rest of the gang found a nice basement pub with cold beer and a love of customers who bring their own food.  

But these are my sword fighting buddies...a little heat!  Pshaw!


Judy said...

Well, if you are playing at Ribfest, then you must be feeling better!!!
Happy Birthday to both of you!!

stag said...

That WAS a couple of months ago. I feel good now, it is been more than a week since my chemotherapy, this is the "good week". I feel almost indecently good.