Sunday, April 06, 2014


Well, it took me two hours to navigate back to this blog.  Why did they have to make it so hard.  I have no interest in going with google 1.  I just want a blog to post to. 
     Seems clicking on "dashboard" takes me to my YouTube account.  WTF!

Oh well. 

I am still alive.  Against all odds.  The cancer has progressed, so I think all the positive thoughts in the world are not gonna work.   Sorry Laura, the author of "the secret".  She obviously didn't have a cancer attached to her heart.  On the other hand, I have gone to church, and the priest heard my first confession in 34 years.  I took the host in a shortie mass after everybody else had left. After 34 years of dissolute lifestyle, my penance was fairly lengthy, and my legs went to sleep.  But it was like an old Jimmy Stewart movie...everything was so bright and pleasant.  Father Anthony had to help me up...I looked like "Bambi on ice".   But it has put ME at peace.  Not my dear wife though...who really needs a vacation.  Looking after me is getting her more and more stressed out. 
       So I have been pretty much focusing on myself.  I have trained an armourer to take over that legacy business, and have trained a sword handler to take over the fighting side.  Another legacy.  Other than that, I have been focusing on getting better.  Hopefully now, we can get the summer show season off the ground...make some money. 
       Its nice that people are still coming over to chat with the old man.  (Old...hell...I only LOOK old because of the chemo...I am really only 57.)  Tomorrow, I shall attempt to do some sword training.   I still have things to teach the young Turks. 
       It has been the winter of winters this year!  Not a record snow fall, but nearly!  But long.  I still have four feet of snow in my back yard.  And the septic system has frozen.  Bummer.  Poor Brenda...she has a house without a sewer.  Well...give it a week or two...should fix itself. 
If not...well...we may have to move into a hotel for a few weeks until it all thaws.  Not gonna dig up septic runs in April!  Not in Ottawa!  Oh doesn't rain but it pours.
    Well, enough of that.   Cheers!


Jay Vee said...

Hiya Bill! Thanks for the "shitty" update!grin. You've been beating the odds regularly so no surprise there. I'm concerned about the priest. He just may leave and join the army to seek out adventure...You did tell him it was all you and not who you worked for right?...

Ann Thompson said...

I'm at a loss for words, dear friend. It is gratifying to see you are still kicking it hard, and I applaud you for it. Your sense of humor is still quite intact, another good thing. I will still keep praying for you, it may not help, but it surely can't hurt! Your kindness in the past reminds me there is still good in the world! Keep up the fight, I am rooting for you always! Your friend across the miles, Ann