Thursday, July 03, 2014

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Well, they got me on a medieval cancer drug now.  How cool is that!  Apparently this is a very expensive synthetic replica of the powder obtained by pounding down dry Yew Tree bark.  They would be right to call it inheritance powder...because it is so natural it simply does its work and goes away.  I can tell you that this Plaxitol is a definite hit man for sure.

Cerulian Bill dropped in after planning a trip to Ottawa for, like, forever.  I had to miss a day of his fine company to sleep.  That was on the previous chemo, which did not seem to work.  But he saw plenty of Ottawa, and plenty of the beauty of my beloved Nation's Capitol.  I left him and Susan at the war museum, and they were fascinated about how much the history books and hollywood pretty much ignore the contributions we made since...well, the French Indian War I suppose, right up to the modern debacle in Afganistan.  (We lost more troops as a percentage than the Americans, but only because of friendly (not ours) fire.  And we actually lost a diplomat!  Shows we go in where angels fear to tread, and we are here to do a job, not just police a city)

I walked the walk on cancer.  Two kilometers up and down the airport parkway.  My swords were right there helping me the whole way!   In full armour!  I think there are pictures somewhere on face book or some thing... google Armoured Company of the Swords.  There may even be pictures on our web site

So many great people. 
below is a cut and paste of  the latest newsletter

South Tower and Armoured Company of the Sword

newsletter 1 July 2014

Walk for cancer went really well. 
Thank you Dominique for
ramrodding such a complicated event.
Perhaps I can get her to be our squire wrangler. 
pictures on facebook of the walk.

July 11th and 12th...Osgoode Medieval Festival
Schedule of events

The idea of this schedule was to give
visitors from a goodly distance
like Kingston a chance to get here
without having to get up at Oh dark thirty.
(crash space and camping space
is available guys! )

And NOT conflict with the jousters. 
Or anything else. 
Props to Phil L. for creating the finest
schedule I have ever seen!

Friday is the "knight's pub" upstairs at
the arena. A couple of armoured knights get in
for free because they will act as greeters,
otherwise it is 25 bucks for some
great food, and if past performances are
any indication, all the beer that
people will foist upon our hard
working sweaty knights!
Who gets to be greeters?
Well, sounds like a reason for a fight to me!

The summer tournament will
take place at the Osgoode Faire.
Devon and Jeff will determine
times and dates for the tournament,
and post their decision as required.
We have the following times available to us.
(from the above schedule
which is now cast in stone)
tournament... 9:45 to 10:30
meet the knights...10:30 to 10:45
demo-tournament 1:15 to 2:00
Meet the knights 2:00 to 2:15

Demo 9:45 to 10:30
Meet the knights 10:30 to 10:45
Demo 4:00 to 4:45
Meet the knights 4:45 to 5:00

I will provide a prize. 


We are still taking orders for the
dinner at the Russell House on Saturday,
July 12, 2014 planned for 6.30.
Check our facebook page, or get ahold
of Brenda for any last minute additions
Its okay if you book and cancel...
they just might have trouble filling in
last minuite additions unless you order
off this set menu. 
So get onto that soonest guys!
Do I have to mention the home made
lamb hot-pot, Guinness shepherd's pie,
the baked chicken and the  ribs
each for under ten bucks a plate?
Dare you to finish them and not be full.
Deserts and gratuities are extra
of course. (sticky toffee pudding! Oh my!)
Terry reminded me that they are a pub
first and a restaurant second, and
he is as proud of his 18 beers
and ciders on tap
as Edna is proud of her meat pies!

Me... I am proud of this undiscovered
gem of a pub in the heart of the
Ottawa Valley.  It should no longer
be the best kept secret in the Ottawa

Up coming summers are
keeping people away from doing classes.
Of course we shall keep on, its what we do!
The usual sign ups are required at both
Algonquin College and Plant Bath.

(got 'em at Plante as of this morning!)

email me for more info
or you can go to the ACS forum site
where Jeff has updated all the
contact information required.

Bill Fedun
Armour Maker


Cerulean Bill said...

Nice...thank you.

Ann Thompson said...

The simplest cures are the best one, and I'm sending prayers and positive healing energy for you to succeed with the current meds! I take a modified chemo for this blasted lupus, so I know it isn't any fun. And a hearty congrats on the walk, hope you earned lots of money for the cause!