Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birthday Party

Birthday party...vegetable slicing (oooh...the humanity!) and tatami mat cutting. Great fun!
Here I am setting up for the cut.... The carnage from an hour of cutting vegetables scattered all underfoot.

And the slash. Unfortunately, this mat was not quite supported properly, and it folded over the katana.

Okay then, we try again.

And the mat goes flying!

Last try....that sword is moving really fast at that point, and the sweat is just glistening!

And the mat disintigrates into a blizzard of little flakes of outraged grass mat!

You have to click on these pictures to see them properly.

Last Saturday was my birthday, and in what has become a normal sort of thing, I have a tournament in my back yard. Part of that tournament was the cutting exercises. I didn't do too badly.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Bill!

Looks like a beautiful sunny day to celebrate, too :)

justagirl said...

Looks like FUN! I could work out a lot of aggression that way. And then have salad! Happy Belated Birthday!!! :)