Thursday, January 29, 2009

3-D tattoos

Too lazy today to actually write a post, but I DID find some nice pictures on line to share. Its Tuesday Toon day, but alas, a couple of days late, so it will have to be Thursday Toon day instead. TTFN.
I have a hard time believing that the above is even real. I HOPE that is just a painting. I may hope in vain however.

Airbrush I think.

As is the lizard. But body decoration is body decoration, paint or tattoo, makes no difference. These are way cool.

These last two are in my humble opinion, actual tattoos. The fella down below probably needed something to distract attention from the rest of his body. (oooh, thats cruel isn't it! But you were thinking it just the same.) On the other hand, his taste in artwork is superb.


Karen T said...

While watching Daily Planet yesterday I heard about a tattoo place in Edmonton called Dragon FX that does UV sensitive tattoos. Normally invisible, they glow under black light. Very cool!

Cara said...

I wonder what archeologists will speculate our civilization was about in 15000 years when they dig up all of our tattooed people?