Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Active week

Lee ordering two more beaver tails at Pat Hooker's Beaver Tail kiosk on the Canal. I don't think Jennifer could work there...its pretty nippy.

Lee and Bex at the mile zero of the canal. Ah love, how strong thou art to make thee don skates and follow this man to frozen Canada. In the background, behind Lee's right shoulder is the Parliament buildings. Over his left shoulder is the old train station, now used as a conference centre.
On the other hand, hot maple syrup poured into the snow forms tasty taffee. So there ARE compensations.
Leon and I spent the the week building Susanna's armour. This is about one third my work and two third Leon's work.
While Leon was happily bashing steel, I worked at polishing the bayonettes. Unfortunately they were needed this week for a funeral...aaannnnddd...they were not ready. Ah well. We do what can.
There is a surprisingly large amount of work involved in preparing a metal piece for plating. The bayonettes are pretty rough, general issue stamped out pieces that need a LOT of work to take off the rough edges. You don't see the blades, so I just wrapped the blade in black duct tape to protect my hands. They will not be plated or prepared in any way.
More on my shop activities on my armouring blog http://southtowerarmouringguild.blogspot.com/

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Jennifer said...

Damn straight Jennifer couldn't work there! LOL.