Friday, February 27, 2009

Winterlude2009 Ice sculptures

These sculptures suffered terribly in a big thaw. We dashed out as quick as we could to get pictures of them before they melted dead away. Above, the American entry, "The Spirit of Frost" Very detailed. The artist was cleaning it up as we watched, you can see his tools in the foreground if you click on them to enlarge, and see all the detail.
These two pictures are of Cinderalla's pumpkin coach and four.

This was the Japanese entry, and you can see the artist above. What is remarkable is the armour he is wearing to protect himself from the cold ice, and the chainsaw in the background.
I have another picture of the coach which I will post tomorrow.

This last of the set is the Canadian forces entry. This one was outside, and had NO protection from the weather. Honestly, it looked a lot better before a day of sunshine and well above freezing temperatures got at it, but somehow I seem to think that a battered and worn down military that has been worn down by hot air in Ottawa is somehow appropriate.

These posts will have to do for now...I have been fairly busy posting on my armouring blog. Please visit and see what I have been up to in my day job.


Dr. Deb said...

Works of art, they are!

Pacific College Mom said...

I think it is great that you folks utilize what you have and make it beautiful! Way to keep up morale in the dead of winter!!!