Tuesday, March 03, 2009


With the spiral wheels and fully cut out body, it is hard to remember that this pumkin coach is solid ice! I am using this as a wallpaper on the computer.

This is winterlude from the Laurier Street bridge, looking South. There is maybe an inch of snow on this, the world's longest skating rink! This is the frozen Rideau Canal...it goes far far away, almost eight kilometers. The snow allows people in boots to walk, but the skaters just skate right through it. Over on the side, to the left, are the concession stands where you can get hot pastries, hot chocolate, and hot coffee. Trust me, after skating five miles on this canal, you WANT something hot! The big building on the left is National Defence Headquarters, the Canadian equivalent of the US Pentagon, and quite possibly the ugliest building in Ottawa. (though there are lots of contenders!)
Most of our snow has vanished due to a 2 day thaw. Whats left is a couple of feet of solid ice. Oh, it looks like snow....but don't kid yourself! You can walk on it. And if you never actually got around to shoveling out that driveway, well, you can forget about it now! A jackhammer would be useful.

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