Friday, March 13, 2009

Alien Abduction or something more sinister?



- There's no wheeling or dealing at a car dealership in western Nebraska.
Three top executives are missing and so are about 80 cars. Police in Scottsbluff are investigating the removal of the cars from the Legacy Auto Sales dealership and the disappearance of the owner and two managers.

Dealership employee Miranda Cervantes told the Scottsbluff Star-Herald newspaper that she returned to work Tuesday after a day off and found the lot was virtually empty.
Cervantes said 25 to 30 Fords were loaded on trucks and removed Saturday, and about 50 Toyotas were apparently taken away Monday night.

She said the desks of the owner and the two managers had been cleaned out.

Police Capt. Kevin Spencer said the dealership has had financial difficulties

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Jennifer said...

Definitely aliens ;)