Friday, August 14, 2009

Deep Space Field

Puts it all into perspective.

(I've been working in the shop pretty heavily this week, some of the nice stuff I have come up with is on my armouring blog.... Once in a while its nice to just get some distance. This video does that all right.

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Pacific College Mom said...

I went out last night to try and see the Perseid meteors. High on the vista point overlooking our town, the lights look golden below. Thankfully the trees have grown over enough to block some of the light pollution from the scene below, but cars are always a contributing factor to frustration when looking for meteors... Anyway, as I sat looking at the swath of the milky way above me, and the stars hanging in the air, close enough to touch, it always amazes me, just how big that sky is out there. The fact that we simply hang out in the void, it all seems so perilous and fragile. This article about all the worlds out there, well, it makes us seem all the more rare. I honestly hope we are not the only ones to appreciate it...