Monday, August 31, 2009

Toronto SFX

Nice little set up at the Toronto Science Fiction and Horror Expo. You can see the swords are all in the back well out of the way of the kidlings, and we put glass and screen on the wooden display units in front. Way in back are our neighbours...who put out a very unusual product...evil teddy bears. More about them later...grin!
Here is Janika getting quite excited about the big peckers in Toronto. Hmmmmm.

The entrance to the fan expo is down this escalator. Check out the cool terrazzo inlays in the floor!

The view from our hotel room. Nice shot looking North on University Ave.

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Xyzzy Elzix said...

rofl.. *peckers* xD

tx, Yusef!! it was a BLAST for sure!! ^^+\m/