Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flu shots

For reasons I don't understand, there are people who think that somehow getting a flu shot is dangerous. My good friend J. sent me a video perporting to be an ex minister of health in a European country who spouted line after line of absolute bullshit about how governments are trying to kill millions by forcing them to get flu shots. This has been recognized as a bandwagon by such great scientists as Mike Wallace, Jennifer MacCarthy and Charlie Sheen as an awesome way to keep their cooling pots on the front burner. They call people names...calling them "Sheeple" when in reality it is they who are being chased from nut bar paddock to nut bar paddock by the barking of the con-men's dogs.

The H1N1 flu strain killed 8 million people back in 1918. The modern h1n1 virus has proven to BE that same flu. This is hardly fear mongering. Its a statement of simple, chilling fact. It IS the 1918 Spanish flue, back with a few new wrinkles to make it even nastier.

The last time we saw H1N1 was in 1979. 200 soldiers got it at Fort Dix, one died, 12 were hospitalized, most of the rest of the 200 had little or no symptoms yet tested positive as carriers. So "feeling fine" is not a good thing to go by. These were healthy individuals who got sick, they had no underlying problems. Would it be fear mongering to feel that if they didn't isolate the virus it would have gone through the population? This is the flue...it goes through the population! Interestingly enough, the H1N1 is not as contagious as the regular flue. Thats a good thing. If it were as contagious as, say, bird flu, or even the usual seasonal flu, then we would have had millions dead in the streets. That we didn't is because the medical community stopped it in its tracks.

They were so worried about it at the time that they rushed a vaccine into the marketplace which had some contamination. This old fashioned way of making a flue vaccine was the problem, and that method is no longer used. The syndroms (Gillian-Barre) associated with the contamination of 1979 swine flue vaccine hit as many as 9 in a million. 46 million shots resulted in 4000 injuries, some deaths. In Canada, we had a different, more modern vaccine, and no confirmed cases of GBS due to the flue shot. ( http://www.gbs-cidp.org/ ) Compare to 1 death in 200 from the disease itself. So the medical community learned from the mass vaccinations, there was no epidemic, and everybody learned from the mistakes. When the bird flu (potential) epidemic hit (SARS) we were ready for it. The bird flu was much more contagious, and just as nasty. It was contained by fast responding health care professionals, many of whom themselves were felled by the disease.

There was no cover up....no conspiracy....no Illuminatti plan to reduce the population of the earth by two thirds. If there was a conspiracy involving the health care workers, then why did so many of their own die from it?

The internet is a good resource...and I don't pretend to trust it any farther than I can throw this old computer. However, regarding matters of plain ordinary "history" (instead of opinion), things like this can be checked. It is a wonderful fact checking tool. Every statement that woman made can be checked, and I quit checking after the first 4 lies, and simply decided that what we have here is a very articulate con-man. Or con-woman I guess. I will cut and paste a bit more of history because even MY opinions need to be checked and backed up.

cut and paste from http://www.emedicinehealth.com/swine_flu/article_em.htm

The 2009 outbreak of swine influenza (novel H1N1)

In March and April 2009, hundreds of cases of human respiratory illness were reported in Mexico that were suspected or confirmed to be caused by a novel swine-type influenza virus. By April, confirmed cases were also reported in the United States. The first reported cases in the U.S. came from San Diego County and Imperial County in California and Guadalupe County in Texas. Reports from other states rapidly followed, and the disease spread rapidly around the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared the 2009 swine flu to be a pandemic. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 1 million Americans were infected with swine influenza by June 2009. By August 2009, more than 170 countries and territories reported swine flu cases. By October, 46 U.S. states were reporting widespread outbreaks. By late October, the virus had been confirmed to have caused more than 1,000 deaths in the U.S., with almost 100 of the deaths in children. Approximately 6% of deaths are in pregnant women, although only 1% of the population is pregnant. Physician visits, hospitalizations, and deaths in the fall of 2009 all exceeded seasonal thresholds. On Oct. 25, 2009, President Obama declared a national emergency as a result of the outbreak. This allows public-health officials additional power to allow waive some regulations to facilitate patient care and will allow hospitals to set up separate facilities to isolate sick patients.

cut and paste ends.

This is history.

A thousand deaths.

Visualize that for a moment....thats what happens without vaccinations....

With this history available at the click of a mouse, all easily checkable history, how can any body really be torn on the question of whether vaccinations are good? There is no confusion....just people who like to scare other people. I could make a case that there are more financial reasons to scare people than there are to reassure them....but I'll save that for another day.

For now, I am going to get my flu shot as soon as it is available.



Synaura said...

Once swine flu virus hits your body it could be fatal but it can be prevented. We must boost our immune system in order to avoid such illness. Proper diet, regular exercise and taking food supplement are the easiest ways to combat viruses.

STAG said...

The H1N1 virus is attacking, actually "targeting" young healthy people instead of the usual children and elderly. Just speculating here, but the people being hit with swine flu would normally not get the flu shot, that they would just shrug off the possiblility of getting it, and depend on their immune systems and food supplements to keep it at bay. In which case, I would respectfully submit that people that take Synaura food supplements and think it help them to avoid the flu are equiping themselves with false and undependable armour. The real armour, the flue shot, will protect them regardless of whether or not they have a proper diet.

Thirty four people this month in Canada have depended on their natural immunity. (as of 18 Nov.)and they are now very dead. This is important to emphasise, so I shall say it again.

Thirty four people are dead from Swine Flu. Just in Canada. This month. So far.


Maybe your Maqui berry juice (or whatever else it is you are flogging) would have helped. It may well be a tasty treat, can't hurt, might well be a part of a proper diet, and, like orange juice and cod liver oil, be helpful during the long Canadian winter. Lets give it its due...I rather like the stuff myself. Makes a nice spread on toast in the morning.

I truly hope that you are not suggesting that your juice will replace a flu shot! If so, then I urge you to re-read the post. This is not a forum for hucksters.

If you post here and claim that your supplement will help prevent anything, whether it be a home invasion or a dread disease, or even erectile disfunction please, in the future, leave a little footnote explaining that you are leaving a little piece of spam and attempting to take advantage of the fear of a pandemic by selling your product.

I will leave one for you though...


Steve Clark said...

Finally, a blog that isn't trying to sell me something! From my personal experiences as a physician, I've learned that flu shots are very important for all people, especially the elderly and young children. Flu shots are definetely not dangerous.