Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday. Already!

Gracious gracious it Saturday already? What happened to the last three weeks?
Well...lets no particular order...

Got flu shots, went to the States twice to pick up and drop off orders, taught the last of the Monday and Friday fighting classes, and am progressing well with the Sunday classes, built a breast-back-tasset-and fauld combo in 16 gauge for Riley, designed and built angel wings for Chris, (check out the armouring blog... built breast-back-tasset and faulds in 18 gauge for Chris, built vambrace-elbow-rerebraces, as well as cuisses and knee cops for Chris, helped Mark build his cuisses, arms and articulated knees for his wedding, went to a wedding, ran a tournament involving slashing pumpkins to death, got a medical appointment (blood pressure is okay) and a dental appointment (got a filling collapsing into toxic mercury slush), got snow tires on the car and I'm sure somewhere in there is a night or two of sleeping.

I could not have done it without the assistance of Mark, Jenna, Rob, AJ, and of course, Brenda.

Now I have to winterize the motorcycle...but first....a last bike ride! And on the 28th of November no less! Oh My Sweet Potatoes, that will be a cold 'un! But I just gots ta do it, just to say I HAVE! So in a couple hours, I'll drive to my friend Jim's place for his surprise birthday party. That should be fun!!! Cold enough to freeze the nuts off a steel bridge, but still, fun!

Now that the pressure is off, we are getting ready to travel on what is not "quite" the trip of a lifetime, but it "should" be a good one! Jeff and Andrea will be looking after the ranch while we are away, Mark will be in the shop finishing up his armour, and Brenda and I will be bouncing around countries in Europe like billiard balls on a glass table!

So what do I have to do in the few days remaining? Hmmm. Pack. Make appointments with curators in England and Malta, finish up a chain mail coif for Alan, update my web page with a nice new front page intro ( appropriate for winter in Canada, and try to support Brenda who is actually doing all the work around this place. I'll be posting updates on this blog on a fairly regular basis over the next few lieu of postcards. Don't know how many pictures I'll be able to load up, but we have a couple of gigs in the memory card on the camera, so I think I'll be posting the diary, and filling it up with pictures in January. This has worked well in the past.

Oh, and for what it's worth...the helmet up at the top of the page is not mine...its a commercial helmet to which I attached wings. You don't think I had time to actually make that helmet too did you?

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Cerulean Bill said...

Time, perhaps not.

Skill, unquestionably.