Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anniversary Day

Well, today is Brenda and my 31st anniversary. Gracious time flies. Oh well, its been a great trip so far! You figure thirty one years ago I was a newly minted corporal in the military, and now, four postings, five moves later and two career changes later, I can look back and state positively that the love enabled me to deal with the career that I hated.

We never had kids, they did not seem to be as important as each other, and the fact of a child free life allowed us a chance to travel. Some travel experiences were bittersweet, and some just weird. But all were eye opening and really interesting.

I am really glad I had my little turtle dove to share this thirty one years...time is resolute and marches on. As Bill Cosby said "you will ALL be here, eventually". And I am so looking forward to another 31 years.
So today, we will be motorcycling to the Village Treats chocolate factory outlet store in Lanark. Sound like a good use of a day!


Jennifer said...

Best wishes to you both -- here's to many more!

Middle Child said...

we made 35 years till sadly my life's love was killed by bastard doctors...

ahem... it took me a moment to see what was in the background (and circled in red)...who or what was that and were you guys aware at the time...thats a classic photo

Pacific College Mom said...

UMMMM, Bob...
Are you sure you want to use that particular photo when talking about your wonderful wife? And your great life together?

Unless, of course, you are making a statement that your life is full of unexpected surprises?

Happy Belated Anniversary wishes!