Friday, May 21, 2010


Click on the pictures to enlarge. There must be a full yard of earth in there!

He was scooping it out pretty quick, two to three scoops per minute.

You get an idea of the size of this excavator when you see the dump trucks...those are full size tri-axle dump trucks!

The "little" machine is the one the operator brings up to jack hammer the rock. This jack hammer is more than eight feet high.

Roadwork in front of my house. The tricky part is to dig the twelve feet down to lay in the storm sewer. Considering this is a bank of limestone, it takes fairly big tools to do this.

This has got to be the biggest tool I have ever seen!

Here, when you click on the images, you can see the kids coming out to see what is going on.

Oh...and they scooped up that annoying cross walk sign...grin!

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Middle Child said...

That is huge. Before my husband's accident he used to be a backhoe fdriver and had an old Olivetti which was a big heavy old machine...but this would swallow the Olivetti and hardly notice - he used to get me to push the new tyres in onto the screw/ bolt thingies once he positioned the backhoe on its feet..a lot of trust involved on my part...I still after all these years like to watch this sort of thing, knowing whats involved...