Monday, August 16, 2010

concrete moulds.

Found this the other day when I was debating about building a drive way for my car.  They are moulds for "concrete stone", this set is called the "castle mould" set.  I don't think they are so great for driving on, or shoveling snow off of, but they seem very smurfy to use as siding!


Judy said...

That they would!

Pacific College Mom said...

When you make your castle,let me know, and I will put together some custom gargoyles, ahahah. No one seems to like any of my other works... Ah well, we all have to have our niche, eh?

Seriously, I think you should at least decorate your workshop in Renaissance style to match your art!

STAG said...

Well, you know...I DO have gargoyles scattered all over my workshop.

I'll try to put some pics up here in a couple of days.

Lately I have been dealing with problem after problem...mostly involving plumbing. Taking the trap off a kitchen sink isn't really difficult, but it IS a bit messy. Replacing the well pump was a much overdue job....trying to do any work with broken fingers is a pain in the rear!
(Okay, ONE cracked baby finger....hardly enough to worry about but it is annoying to type l, p, and the shift key.)