Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fan Expo Pictures

Lots and lots of tattoos.  Most are fairly standard, but these sort of stood out.  The sleeping fairy above and the noose in the attic window below.  Hmmm.  Is the fairy really sleeping, or is she, like tinkerbelle, dying like the leaves in the fall?  Click on the image to enlarge, as usual.

It seems a girl thing to get really interesting tattoos.  Guys don't have a fashion sense I guess.  Case in point is below. 

Not quite sure what they are doing here.  But it looks nice. The pretty corset and lace skirt don't really go with the cloche hat and brolly, but hey, one could imagine them stepping out of a Mike Hammer murder mystery!

Had to look twice to be sure this fella really was in a costume.  Come to think of it, I'm still not sure.  Tell me what YOU think!

Mind you, I was there pushing my sexy armour.  Fortunately, I had no trouble finding sexy ladies to pose for me.  (funny that!)

Doesn't she look demure with that knife in her hand!

Tess looks good in chain mail.  That was my top, but her belt-bottom was all hers. 

And those who haunt my archives remember seeing the lovely Ashley some years ago at the Renaissance Festival. 

More later...grin!

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