Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fan Expo

The Fan Expo comes around every year.  We did well this year...darn near sold out of stock.  Thats a good thing.  There were a lot of problems....the day was stinking hot, and the lineups were sometimes very very long.  Even the convention centre had problems....the security personnel limited every venue at one time or another simply because of the huge number of people exceeded fire marshal requirements.  (The Fan Expo web site has posted an apology).  On Saturday morning, the lineup stretched from the CN Tower  to Union Station four deep.   The lineup to see Summer Glau never got less than 100, and you had to buy tickets to get into line for Bill Shatner.  I didn't see very many short lineups for autographs....last year there were times when some of the celebrities were twiddling their thumbs, but not this year.
     The guests of honour were many and varied...from William Shatner to Ernest Borgnine.


Doug Sneyd was there again this year.  He was one of the old guard at Playboy magazine...(if you look closely at the enlarged picture above, you can see some of his work.. his remarkable and easily recognized  pencil art decorated the magazine from 1962 until the present.  Above, I am posing with Doug and Tess.

This is a better picture of Tess Jewell, the brilliant, and remarkably decorative lass who spent the weekend showing off my beautiful armour.  I did not succeed in getting any firm commissions, but the year is young....she handed out more than five hundred business cards to interested Zena wannabes.

I'll post some more pictures when I get my camera charged....grin!

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Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see more pics of the Expo! I always look forward to seeing all the costumes.

Glad you had great sales and handed out lots of cards :)