Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costumed Warriors

Okay. I admit it. Not a warrior. Please click on these gems to enlarge though!

I wonder where I can get a "Death Star" floatie like that!!!

Hmmm. Don't mess with them.

Red Sonja.
Black widow. Its a trap guys!!!

I always suspected....

And Red Sonja again, with Captain Hook!


Urban Warriors.... No, not warrior, but scary none the less!

Now thats just cute!

Those are, what...hub caps!!!! Oh my!

More scary!!!

Just as scary but in a FAR different way!

Nice pussy.....

There is something about a babe in a Mad Max autogyro!
More Daleks.
Oh, lordy!!!! That was a seriously bad dream. Wasn't it? Wasn't it?

Ack! More Daleks. Even MORE dangerous Daleks!

Why don't I get invited to these parties?

There's something about a Jabba the Hutt girl.

1 comment:

STAG said...

Isn't that Beverly Crusher draped across that Dalek?