Monday, January 10, 2011

Auctions Imperial 2011

Greetings from Auctions Imperial!

We are pleased to announce our March 19, 2011 sale, which will include a fine selection of antique arms and armor, including helmets, shields, and mail coats to swords, daggers, axes, maces, rifles, muskets and pistols. Europe, China, Russia, the Middle East, Persia, India, Indonesia and the American Civil War are represented-- from a fine Imperial Russian Dagger presented to a hero of the Crimean War, to an important 15th century Italian broadsword, a superior Mughal lacquered hide shield to an ivory-hilted Karabela saber, American sabers and Cossack shashkas, there's something for everyone.

Visit our website to view a recent television interview with our director at

We will continue to accept consignments until the end of December, any questions please email us at

happy holidays,

Auctions Imperial

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Pacific College Mom said...

Just wanted to say hello and wish you well on your sale! Too bad I'm a bit too far away to just pop in for a quick sword and a buckler...