Sunday, January 30, 2011

Steam Punk

You can still get these stoves from the Spencerville Stove Store. They also run on natural gas and if you really want,you can get them that run on wood!

Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum from Massachusetts have restored their house into a steampunk home called ModVic (Modern Victorian) Home. Every corner of the house and every piece of furniture has some steampunk features and materials: wood carvings, moving gears, steel, iron and brass decorations. Isn’t it amazing?

Steam punk keyboard made into a computer keyboard.

More of this fantastic house here...

This house is steam punked to a fare thee well. Very very impressive, and no end in site! I have often wondered if there would be a future in making old radios into modern stereo systems and old typewriters into computer keyboards. What do you think? Would YOU drop a half a grand on an Olivetti typewriter which was actually a concealed keyboard?

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Pacific College Mom said...

I think this is a fantastic house, I could sooo live here!
As for you trying out something similar, I say Why not! There is far too much of the mundane in the world, so go for it!