Thursday, September 29, 2011

More fails

rat tail.
Gods gift to women...just ask him, he'll tell ya.

Whatever you do, don't say to him "nice sausage!"

This is, like, a failed art project right?

Well, whatever it takes to distract attention from that "pencil moustache", and "pencil van dyke".

Well, if all you got is a butt like a boy, may as well show it off. At least your girlfriend will like like it.

Yeah, get out of the way girls, I'm trying to take a picture of that hunk there with the man purse.

Loose a bet again Larry?

Ready for the party. Remember, no glove no love.
Like the boots though!

Sometimes I am ashamed of being a guy. Then I see this guy and my heart swells with newfound pride.

Hi honey? Miss me? Yup, every shot so far!

Must be hot in that room! Look at they guy in back sweating!

My mother made me a monster. Kuul...if I gave her the wool, would she make me one too?

Pick the egg salad....


Pacific College Mom said...

And they just keep coming...

Middle Child said...

what a hoot - we humans can be so "different" when we're not all being the same