Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kodo Drummers Concert

Finally made it to the Kodo drummers concert on Monday night. Tickets had been sold out for more than eight months! Excellent concert! Amazingly enough, at one point, I started to fall asleep! Turns out (by reading the programme) that that particular passage is supposed to relax you to where you fall asleep! (it was a passage which sounded for all the world like rain on a tin roof)
There wasn't a lot of "sleepy" drumming though! Most of it was exciting. I think Brenda perked up a bit when a couple of the well developed drummers stripped down to breech clout to pound on a drum the size of my living room!
I had been to the Japanese drumming concert in Ottawa during the Tulip Festival a few years back, and of course the Toronto Japanese drumming ensemble performed at the Ren Faire in Milton a few years back, but the Kodo drummers are the first and the best. Two thumbs up!
Please link through to their web site. There is more to it than drumming, like a martial art, it is a way of life!

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Jennifer said...

Kool! I will check it out!