Friday, March 02, 2007

Thaipusam 2007

Thaipusam 2007
One advantage of living in a multi-cultural society is that we get to experience and participate in so many diverse events and festivals. Possibly one of the largest religious and cultural event in Malaysia is the annual Thaipusam Festival, celebrated by Hindus all around the world.
This year, Thaipusam fell on the 1st of February

As people go into trances, they are poked with skewers and fishooks. They don't bleed, and don't feel pain.
They pull heavy loads with harnesses like the one above. For more information, visit


Jennifer said...

That's just gross.

Frustrated Writer said...

Suddenly a trip to the dentist doesn't seem so bad

cv said...

Not as much a faith based issue as just pure physical truth.

wrap a rubber band around your finger and poke it with a pin.

You'll feel very little pain and probably won't bleed very much.

The white blanching of the skin and considerable tension (torque) placed on the skin empties the immediate area of capillar action, and inhibits any bleeding or nerve action.

Smoke and mirrors. Just like the TV preacher with the 'miracle spring water' who will 'give' it to you for your 'love gift'.