Monday, October 22, 2007


Well, its time to inflict these on my reading public.....'tis the season! Must be a Ferrengi.

Hot Dogs. One of the better costumes....

Gotta love the toe nail polish.

Dude, this is SOOO Groovey!

Now thats interesting...a weiner dog without the buns...

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Doggie.

Oh my granny, what bright teeth you have!

Man of steel...

Use the force Luke.

Now this is just clever!


justagirl said...

Crouching tiger hidden doggie is ADORABLE!

Pacific College Mom said...

NOw, how adorable are these guys? And how much spare time DO the owners need to have?! The Fluffy dog with Harry Potter was very clever, too. Although the dogs don't look exactly happy about the whole situation, do they? Heeeee