Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sand Castles, Canada

click on the images to enlarge. This is sand. Normal beach sand. No cement...look at the undercuts! Oh my!

The classic triangular composition.

Conflict. Oh right, its a "sand castle" competiton!
I think I KNOW these guys!
Legend and myths.
And sagas.

from the competition at Harrison Hotsprings, British Columbia Canada.They last until the weather takes them down. Harrison is well known for their perfect sand for building sand castles.


Pacific College Mom said...

These are absolutely amazing! Do they use anything but water to keep the details from falling off? It boggles my mind.

Thanks for sharing with the rest of us poor, deprived folks! I'm jealous as usual.


Frustrated Writer said...


STAG said...

I have seen these being built, and occasionally they use a board or platform to help with the undercuts. (I once saw a sand sculpture which featured a flag made of sand that was no more than a quarter of an inch wide,and a yard high that was built up on a stick. Nobody thought it was "cheating"!) Also, I have seen them use driftwood to provide an armature for some of the sculpture. But generally, they have a little spray bottle of water that they use to keep the sand damp, and thats about it.

justagirl said...

These are simply breathtaking! It’s hard to believe they are made of nothing more than sand and water (although I do believe you). I imagine they have to consider all sorts of factors like temperature, wind direction, humidity… It’s also hard to imagine someone doing such painstaking, detailed work to create something so beautiful only to have it be washed away in the tide. Thanks for the beautiful pics!