Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Malta pics

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Cospicua. One of the "three cities". They have grown together, as you can see in the below picture. The above pic is taken from just inside the old east wall, the building probably was owned by a wealthy noble way back in the day. The big double doors would open into a little courtyard way in back. The roofs are typical flat maltese roofs, with railings around them. I presume they would provide patios up there, and like many places in the Med, a place to sleep which would be comfortable and cool. The imagination follows the long dead noblemen (few of whom were actually born here!) who would come back from raucous meetings in Valetta and Fort St. Angelo as they tried to deal with Ottoman incursions, smuggling, piracy, and heresy.

Above, on an old gun emplacement in the walls of Valetta, is a poignant statue to the fallen war dead.
With the going down of the sun, we will remember them.

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pawlu said...

Don't want to be a spoil-sport but the house you referring to above was build less than 50 years ago. The big doors are actually a garage.