Wednesday, November 21, 2007

October Cool things

October class graduated at the Plant Rec Centre.
I helped to open a Chinese Martial Arts training centre in the west end. The fine gentleman guiding my hand is Trench Tai, and in back are the VIPs.

a fine fence. more work than it looks!

started a deck.

beautiful doors, made a great gate!


Pacific College Mom said...

You have been busy, sir! I wish you would come and fix my porch...
Today is Thanksgiving here in the ole' US, and I am very thankful for friends like you! Congrats on your latest batch of student, for cleanly cut pumpkins, and beautiful handiwork!!!

Take care and more soon.

justagirl said...

Busy indeed!! Wow. And I thought I was tired. That's really awesome about you helping to open the martial arts studio. My daughter just started Tae Kwon Do and loves it.

And I'm thankful to call you my friend, as well. :)

STAG said...

It was a bit of a shock be considered a vip, an influence in this fellows life, and he kept calling me his Sei-fu. That's martial arts talk for "teacher". I didn't think I taught him anything when he took my class, he KNEW it all!
I am not being modest here, he really is good, and more gracious than I deserve.

On this day of thanksgiving, I am grateful for my friends, for the wind beneath my wings, my wife.