Sunday, November 11, 2007

(Murray Whetung will lay the wreath at the Curve Lake cenotaph on Sunday.
(Mike Strobel, Sun Media)

Yet, before the night has come, have I lived to see the last warrior of the wise race of the Mohicans
-- James Fenimore Cooper

CURVE LAKE -- Every man of fighting age in this Ojibwa reserve volunteered for World War II.
Every single one. Fifty men.

Actually, 51. But Cliff Whetung was allergic to the dyed wool of army uniforms. Swelled up like a balloon. So his war ended after a week, in a Peterborough hospital.

The last of the 50 is Cliff's kid brother Murray, 85 and sharp as a hunting knife.

Sunday at the cenotaph, the Maple Leaf will fly with the Union Jack and Curve Lake's banner, an eagle bearing a peace pipe.

The Wshkiigomaang Women Hand Drum Singers will play as Murray Whetung, last of 50 brave men, lays a wreath.
The sun, if it is out, will gleam off the buckskin suit he and Elva stitched 40 years ago. For years, native garb was barred at any Remembrance Day ceremony. That was a shame.
Those medals sure look good on buckskin.

You can get the rest of Mike Strobel's story at this link....its worth the trip and its quite the story!

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justagirl said...

Awesome. Thank you for honoring these men.