Friday, December 28, 2007

Fancy Bohemian Architecture

The above picture shows the big contrast...the nice old architecture, practically hidden by power lines, cables, cars and light standards. Prague is not really alone in this!

Usually the streets were too narrow to really get a good snapshot of the multi coloured buildings. These are why I called Prague a city of gelatto coloured buildings! I like the little mermaid overlooking a narrow alley between the mint and lemon coloured buildings.

Normally it is much more crowded than this.


Captain Placeholder said...

Stag I've always been a big fan of your travel posts, especially with the pictures.

You've given me so many ideas of places to visit!

STAG said...

How about my place on New Year's Eve then?

Captain Placeholder said...

was tied up for new years. But I'll take you up on the next invitation! ;)

ultraplanarian1 said...

Reminds me of Northern Italy!

The narrow streets, "old school" architecture, people riding around on scooter bikes... ^^\m/

Dude... travelling RULES!! \m/ -.- \m/

All the best, <3!!


ultraplanarian1 said...

sorry.. sp error in url.. x.@ '

fixed in this one! ^^+\m/